“It has been a great pleasure being coached by Marion, through a period of considerable transition.  Challenged by  a very tight allocated time, her energy, skills and talents have been invaluable in providing insight and inspiration around my strengths and aspirations; her humour, passion and focus the vital elements  to a productive coaching relationship” Sue Hall, National Improvement Lead at NHS Improving Quality

“We commissioned Marion to work with members of the management team who were in transition. Marion worked with each individual to identify specific personal development opportunities. She then coached them to not only behave differently, but to think differently, so enabling them to get up and running quickly and with confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Marion as a leadership coach.” Alison Lanchester, Director of Income Generation and Marketing, St Elizabeth Hospice

“When I first worked with Marion I had started to lose faith in the organisation I worked for and. in particular, my management. It did not take long for Marion to totally refocus me. Marion pointed my energy and thinking into what I could do and influence myself; concentrating on how I was being perceived rather than focusing on things I could not change. Here I am less than a year later and have achieved promotion into the position I sought. I should’ve come to Marion years ago!” DTL, manager, public body

“Marion worked with me to help me to recognise my professional strengths and how to pitch them. Her insight and expertise in the corporate world was one of the reasons I opted to work with her. She effortlessly helped me to translate my profile into something that clearly focused on my specific outcomes. My confidence in selling my services to other professionals has been elevated to another level and I would highly recommend her if you wish to enhance your image, performance and understanding of your professional needs.” Gina Pickersgill, Consultant

Marion is empathetic, and insightful; an extremely talented and skilled professional who possesses a high degree of emotional intelligence. Her ability to listen and understand makes it possible for Marion to ask penetrating questions in such a way that the outcome is an honest dialogue that produces productive results. I am grateful to have had a genuine opportunity to develop my thinking; to gain clarity and understanding not only about important matters related to my career but also to find answers to personal life questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Marion as a coach, particularly to people in a period of transition. SC, Artist

For many years I’ve felt intimidated by authority figures and this caused me problems in all sorts of contexts. The resultant angst has reared its head most recently in job interviews; I went in feeling like a child having to impress all these grown ups. I’m fifty. Marion worked with me to establish the source of this problem to help me challenge and revise my unhelpful beliefs about myself and others and to deal better with feelings of anxiety. I’ve emerged from the experience feeling more confident and objective. Interestingly, in my job I have to check in twice yearly with a counsellor to ensure that the work I do is not having a detrimental effect on my health; the last time I saw her she said, “You’ve changed. You seem more self assured.” What a result! LD, Programme Facilitator, Probation Service


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