Future Focus Thinking offers bespoke coaching to inspire and energise clients to uncover the confidence and clarity required to make real and lasting changes to their lives, work and that of their organisations. Our one-to-one or team coaching is completely tailored to your needs, designed and delivered in a method and a style that will work best for you.

Coaching through Change

Transition is the way we come to terms and deal with change. Future Focus Thinking specialises in working with senior management, rising talent and their teams through periods of change.

We work with clients to support how they deal with the uncertainty of the situations they face. Typically, the people we work with are joining, moving through or leaving an organisation, taking on a major challenge, or looking to capitalise on a leadership opportunity. They want to make a difference and see tangible results, personally or for their organisations.

People leading change have their own needs, but these often get lost as they support everyone else through the process. Following are the types of issues that you may be facing:

  • Leading or working through organisational change/restructuring
  • Transitioning into a new role, sector or company
  • The crucial first 90 days
  • Leading or implementing a change programme
  • Overwhelmed or challenged by change
  • Setting up new teams
  • Changing career or returning from a career break
  • Working through redundancy personally or with your staff.
  • Helping you to stay well or to leave well, so ensuring the value of your impact and legacy

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching develops conflict resolution skills and strategies for the individual. This strengthens people’s skills and confidence to resolve workplace issues without the need for third party intervention. The type of conflict coaching issues that may be addressed include concerns around:

  • Managing or working with ‘difficult’ people
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Managing differences and working co-operatively
  • Resolving conflict between team members
  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • Development of conflict resolution skills
  • Dealing with inner conflict and its impact on motivation and leadership

Illustration 3This one to one work provides a confidential opportunity to address personal or professional issues that impact on performance.

We welcome the opportunity to have an initial complementary conversation to understand a little bit more about each other and see if you think that together we’re the best coaching partnership. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Marion Nash on 07710 624867.


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