Change something! 10 ways to be happier at work

happiness1Bleaugh. It’s Monday again and it’s time to get back to work. Some weeks are great; projects are firing on all cylinders, everyone’s getting on just fine and the sun is shining. Then there are other times when you are just not in the mood; people are carping about each other, deadlines are being missed or you feel you’re just not being listened to.

Here’s a couple of suggestions that may help life feel a bit better – even if you only incorporate one or two (and everyone can incorporate one or two of the suggestions below), it could be the difference that makes a difference.

  1. Wake up earlier: Enjoy the start of your day; enjoy a leisurely breakfast, have a chat with your housemate/partner/child, maybe even walk to work (if it’s too far away, you could get off a tube station early and walk or take a circuitous route to the station). And, unless you need to be informed for you get to work, read the paper on the way home. Newspapers are riddled with bad news/gossip – there is rarely anything uplifting in a newspaper.
  2. Think about what makes you happiest at work – make a list of the things that you have control over and plan those things to happen during your working day; if it’s to make people smile, leave your desk a couple of times a day to make someone’s day; if it’s decent cup of coffee (as opposed to the machine coffee available) then take time out to pick up a coffee or make a decent one yourself; if it’s to take time out to see daylight/think/meditate/talk to the family/feel the sun – just plan it into your day.
  3. Envisage your day as a great/successful/fun day at work. If you prepare for your day in this way, you will enhance the way you approach your day and so the mood of your day.
  4. Choose to be happy! The only person who can ‘make’ you unhappy is you – conversely, the greatest supporter of your happiness is you. Just decide to be happy.
  5. Plan your day: check your diary and plan your day so that you can incorporate ‘me’ (or even ‘other people’) time into it – and to ensure that there will be no nasty surprises.
  6. Plan your future: People who make plans achieve more than people who don’t. Think about your short/medium/long term goals and plan your development/work/actions aligned to those – and consider how you can break down the barriers.#
  7. If you mean no, say no. Don’t accept work that you don’t have the capacity for and then become resentful, under pressure of work or lose sight of your work:life balance.

      Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies – Nelson Mandela.

  1. happinessAcknowledge your emotions; fear/anxiety/unhappiness. Feel those emotions , then let them go and then take rational action.
  2. Say hello and smile at each colleague you meet.
  3. Avoid negative people/gossip/water cooler conversations – however intriguing gossip is, it only introduces negativity into your day.

Happiness At Work Tedx presentation Alexander Kjerulf

Happiness at work: Arlette Bentzen at TEDx 


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