Nobody ever forgets where he buried the hatchet — Kin Hubbard

bullymed1Conflict is sometimes an unavoidable in the workplace. Yet workplace conflicts are not always easy to resolve. For employees, unresolved work issues often result in a state of anxiety, hopelessness, job dissatisfaction, demoralisation and general unhappiness.

If these situations are not dealt with they can escalate into formal disputes, develop into passive aggressive behaviour, withdrawal and even resignation. This can cause even deeper problems, such as absenteeism, high employee turnover and a negative company culture.

Common causes include bullying, misunderstandings, clash of working styles/personalities/values, the impact of change and employees jostling for position.

Conflict in the workplace has a tendency of getting personal.  So please make sure you don’t get caught in its web. Whether you are caught in the midst of it or are simply a bystander, do your best to keep conversations and the airing of opinions professional and not personal and don’t be sucked in to the drama triangle.

why-mediationAvoiding workplace disputes should be a pre-emptive part of the culture of your organisation. But when they do happen, actively resolving these conflicts can create a more positive and enriching work environment.

If we can support the work of your organisation through our mediation service, or you wish to know more about the mediation process, please contact Marion Nash (07710 624867) for a free consultation.

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

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