Could you cross the country in one step?

giantThe journey of a thousand miles begins with one stepLao Tzu

I recently coached a new client who wanted to work on their, literally, years of procrastination over a significant piece of work that now had a final deadline. Failure to meet the deadline would have personal consequences.

As they talked through the barriers to their project, the client produced a great story about how they were “under pressure”, “carrying a weight” and “jumping through hoops”. No wonder they didn’t want to get on with the work, it had become a metaphorical nightmare!

It was clear that the main barrier to the client completing this piece of work was the enormity of the big picture. So, we worked on creating small packages of work that delivered the final product to the ultimate deadline. Very quickly, the client was excited that their project was now broken down into a workable plan – and they were using the positive language that (in their world) would enable them to do so.

This is the second time in three months where it has been a revelation to a client that their overwhelming bigger picture can’t happen until each step in the critical path has been taken. As they have broken the work down they have been able to focus on achieving the next step. And, as each step is dependent on the preceding one, the bigger picture becomes merely a final step.


It would not be possible for someone to cross the country in one step, but many people have done it by planning a route and using small ones, one step at a time. Worth a thought?

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

One step beyond – Madness

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