stop-the-press-300x264__1_The reconstruction of this website has been a team effort and a labour of love. I am very excited to reveal that we will be launching it next week.  #nowI’mREALLYexcited!

Future Focus Thinking offers coaching to support organisations through periods of change and conflict.  We also provide team mediation; both for individuals and teams in conflict.

The best business coaching has dramatic effects on the performance of individuals and therefore on organisational success. Whether the organisation is a public, family or privately owned, a professional services firm, a government department, a charity or a university, purposeful coaching can transform results, effectiveness and, over time, cultures.

buildingWe’re nearly there with the transformation. Just a few tweaks left.

Mediation is a serious and effective alternative to formal dispute resolution. It provides a framework for exploring issues between parties; early intervention through mediation saves time, money and escalation of disputes and conflict. Agreements reached in mediation are more likely to be sustainable because the parties have control over them.

At Future Focus Thinking we coach senior leaders and aspiring talent. We mediate to resolve both interpersonal and team disputes. All of our team have had senior level careers before becoming coaches or mediators. You can find more about our particular approach to coaching and team mediation on this website.  

constructionWe welcome the opportunity to have an initial, exploratory conversation to understand a little more about each other so we can both see if we think we could build a valuable partnership together.  If you want to find out what we could do for you or have any queries, please do not hesitate to either email us or pick up the phone: 07710 624867


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